Everything you need to know about cloud file storage services


By this point, I am pretty sure you are very well aware where this is going and how astonishingly powerful cloud has become by now. Now, let’s focus on one more opportunity this technology is offering that is a file storage services.

What is cloud file storage?

Cloud file storage is something we all used and use yet lot of us do not even knew this was the cloud that we always have been using. Cloud File Storage services like DropBox, Box, Google drive and so on, are the earliest Cloud File Storage service provider that exposed the whole idea of how people could get access to their files from anywhere from the world rather than just keeping everything physically stored in one machine and leave it home or always carry their machines everywhere.

You can see that how inconvenient that could be? Just simply imagine the old times when you had to carry your whole collection of CD book in your car and everywhere and you had to look for the artist you wanted to listen to. How annoying that could be over time and nobody at least in 2022 want to go through such hassle other than die-hard collector and avid music listener.

Majority would provide some other easy medium. With the cloud file storage, your files are synced across your devices. You can upload, play, download and edit your library you want without having to carry on the bulky CD bag or other players. One smartphone is enough to give you such rich experience from the comfort of your pocket.

Cloud file storage with Microsoft

Microsoft did not leave this idea behind of course, and provide cloud file storage service as well via SharePoint as part of the Microsoft Office 365. This is incredibly useful to manage, organize project across the company hierarchy and enhances the limit of collaboration to the next level.

This privilege is not necessarily ONLY provided by Microsoft but there are tons of companies out there who helps you manage your group and organization with cloud implemented as the core of their service.

Advantages of moving to the cloud

At this point, you can imagine the kind of benefits you have, readily available at your service, by moving your business to the cloud. A careful planning of your business and incorporating cloud can give you a flash of a sharp edge over others and help manage your business, organization from anywhere in the world. This is even true and shines more times like now. Since the day world has suffered from the tragedy of corona, the whole industry changed and people prefer working from home rather than traditional office outside.

Times like this, cloud computing is one of the technology that can be used at its maximum capacity to provide you and your team the tools and services always ready. All you need to do is knock the door, sign up and start using service. Let the cloud people take care of the necessary setup and configuration while you and your team, focus on the day-to-day business more than these nitty-gritty setup from scratch.