More advantages of cloud technology

We have already spoken about the amazing features of cloud computing. Let’s look at its positive sides in more details observing cloud-based applications and the technology of cloud-based virtual desktop.

Cloud-based Applications

If you know about SaaS (Software As A Service), you know that one of the most compelling reason to move to the cloud based computing is, getting all the software you need without having to install or update them manually for each of your machines.

A ripped example is, many of the organization uses Microsoft Office suite which provides the backbone for the organization’s production and organization in general. This office suite includes applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. Microsoft over the time, increased the suite spanning to numerous versions to include additional apps which some organizations find useful and use it regularly while the majority do not. For instance, Outlook as an email client and Calendar, Planner for project management, one note to share project notes throughout the levels of organization and so on, so forth.

If you are the software manager of the organization, how would you decide what apps to install for each user? What if the users are around 60 to 100 or more?

With the popular Microsoft Office 365, they changed the process in several ways. First of all, they moved this to a subscription based plan, where users or organizations is charged yearly fee which give full access of office 365 to its user. Secondly, user or mangers are able to install only necessary application needed. Thirdly, Microsoft updates these application when needed without you having to update all of the suite installed in every system in the network. Fourth, Microsoft eventually moved on to cloud-based application which enables users to get access to this suite from anywhere in the world without having to physically present and bound in one machine. All they need is Internet.

Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop

One of the coolest thing of virtualisation was pretty apparent from the very beginning that how you are able to setup virtual desktop inside the VM (Virtual Machine) running on your local system. Just like that, there is nothing stopping you from doing the same in the cloud. You can setup a desktop VM in the cloud and can get access to it remotely, from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have access to the Internet. How cool is that?

Your own virtual remote desktop. In fact, people did not leave this thought behind, unattended. There are number of companies who provide such service of setting up a cloud based desktop straight and simple. You need to create account, tap into one of their plan and pay monthly, yearly or hourly depending on their plan. Of course, the experience could be a little lagged since this is over network and you know how it is over the internet. But certainly you can use it for some quick interactions and where having a remote desktop really shines the scenario.

Did you ever dream of having a high-end, top of the spec desktop system at the comfort of your laptop? You know, with a laptop that has access to the Internet connection, you can easily tap into a virtual desktop with few times more processing power. Not only this, you are able to use that tiny, low budget laptop and tap into the latest computer games at max settings! Simply by remotely accessing a monster cloud gaming rig. Enough said!