Gaming at its Finest: PC or Console?

The field of online and offline gaming alike has taken great strides in the past few years – featuring better gameplay mechanics, fantastic animations, immersive controls, and majestic lore born from the ever-developing minds of various developers in the market. Sure enough, with the mass influx of new games every year, it is hard to keep track of unique ones that pop into the market every now and then, but minute similarities never take anything away from the experience anyway.

Game quality aside, various methods have been developed to access these mesmerizing features that the developers have to showcase. However, the question still lingers: what exactly should you use if gaming is your passion?

First Question – Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC?

It is perhaps efficient to differentiate the distance between a gaming laptop and a gaming PC in defining the parameters. To put things into perspective, gaming laptops are often overshadowed by gaming PC setups due to the subpar components that laptops often have in contrast to what desktops have to offer. With the compact size of laptops, it is challenging to keep it running cool with high-spec GPUs and CPUs – making a gaming desktop more efficient in this aspect. Upgrades might be feasible for laptops, but it would take away either the portability or the affordability of the build – an element that makes gaming desktops superior by a smidge.

The Features

The Graphics

Being perhaps the most highlighted feature that favors PC, the graphics displayed on a desktop are often superior due to the exquisite hardware that can be added to the entire build. With parts that outperform those present in, say, an Xbox or PlayStation, desktop users could expect higher resolutions and smoother framerates overall.

Deals and Promos on Steam

Although the platforms present on consoles and PC are all subject to holiday deals and various offers, a gaming desktop has access to a platform known as “Steam” – not only a provider of great games but of affordable selections as well. Microsoft and Sony were able to mirror the price drop Steam have to offer for its oldest games in these past years, but it is inarguable that Steam maintains its edge over the others in this field.

Multiple Subscriptions

Games are pretty pricey as it is – making the subscriptions that Xbox and PlayStation require for multiplayer gaming in their consoles a bit of a downer for many. With the freedom that every PC build offers, it is pretty evident how console gaming is often overlooked by many.


Consoles are bought as it is – meaning that their hardware would often be the same throughout its lifetime even if newer games that require better specifications come along. On the one hand, a gaming PC could be continuously upgraded to suit the user’s needs – whether it is water cooling, a better monitor, a superior graphics chip, it is always within your reach.

What’s your Choice?

Indeed, it is hard to choose between the two, especially when your budget is dictating the path. However, what would ultimately decide everything is your preference. Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, it is always where you have fun the most that matters best in this argument.