How to choose a VPN service?

If you look at the offer of VPN services available today, you might be quite overwhelmed. If you are searching for a free option, you should be aware of the exact functions included into the free version of the programme since the majority of them are also available in the paid mode with extended features. Still, even if you are ready to go for a Premium version of VPN service, you still will find an abundance of offers which might confuse you a lot.

This short guide for choosing a VPN service will provide you with some useful information which will help you to make a right choice.

Decide how much traffic you need

In order to choose a right VPN service, you should think carefully about the things you would like to do on the net with your VPN on. If this is only for some minor tasks such as surfing the web, you will not necessarily need to choose an option with unlimited traffic. Yet, if you are going to watch videos, download files or play online games with your VPN turned on, you will certainly need as much traffic as possible for such tasks.

When it comes to the choice of VPN services, they have every different offers. Some of them will give you unlimited traffic for free, while others will offer you several gigabytes free of charge. There are also VPN services which have a rather small amount of free traffic which can be even only 500 Mb. Of course, if you are willing to purchase VPN, in all likelihood, you will get access to unlimited traffic.

Do you have any preferences for the countries with servers available to VPN users?

Another important thing is to decide whether a possibility of choosing from servers located in particular countries is important for you. It is not thus crucial for many tasks, however, you might be willing to access particular websites which are not available for people trying to reach them from abroad.

Usually, VPNs which offer a rather modest choice of countries with servers for free, have unlimited traffic, albeit it is not a rule and you should check the offer of such programmes individually. There are also VPN services with limited free traffic which is still quite extensive (for example, 10 GV per month) as well as with a wide choice of servers.

You should also pay your attention to the fact some VPN servers will connect you to servers automatically without a possibility of changing them according to your preferences.

Additional features

The amount of available servers, the variety of countries where the servers are located, the possibility of choosing from the available servers and the amount of traffic are basic features of VPN services. You might also come across additional options available to the users of such programmes. For example, some VPN services are also equipped into special browsers for using the net safely.

Note that some VPN services can be used while streaming or downloading files with torrents only after purchasing a premium version of the programme as such options are regarded as additional features while other services have them inbuilt.

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  1. It is useful if a vpn has as many servers as possible in different countries so that you can select any country

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