The best presents for people who enjoy listening to music

This list of gift ideas can be very useful for people looking for a present for a person crazy about music. In addition to it, you might also find these ideas useful for shopping for presents for a very active physically person.

Wireless earphones

Needless to say, we are already in the era of wireless earphones which are undeniably a way more convenient than conventional earphones. With their help one can absolutely forget about the location of the smartphone and just enjoy the music, audiobooks or conversation on the go.

Apple AirPods 3 is one of the most elegant models of earphones available on the market. Apart from the fact they are simply stylish, they are also featured with a particularly great functionality.

First of all, they are designed in the way to provide people with the highest quality of sound. Another great advantage of this model is its water resistance. No matter whether one exercises thus actively that sweat can simply get inside the earphones or one is going out during the rain, the earphones will be protected.

Of course, one of the most crucial characteristics about earphones which should be considered before purchasing is the time during which they will be working. The maximum duration of work without charging for this model is six hours. If you will be keeping the earphones in their box, they will be charging. In such a way, their maximum time of work will be up to thirty hours.

The greatest feature about this gadget is the fact it can be used not only with the electronic designed by Apple but also with the devices running on Android.

A portable speaker

A portable speaker can be an amazing present for people who enjoy spending their time actively and especially outdoors and are crazy about music. A portable speaker will allow them to enjoy music absolutely anywhere. Certainly, a lot depends on the quality of the device. That is why it is better to look for the best option. Currently, one of the most attractive offers on the market is JBL Charge 5.

The power of JBL Charge 5 is 40 W and it can be connected with your devices through the Bluetooth 5.1. technology. This speaker can be connected with another speakers of this model creating even greater sound. Actually, you can use up to a hundred of the JBL Charge 5 speakers together which is great for a party.

JBL Charge 5 is absolutely waterproof which means it is resistant not only to the drops of water but also to being completely under water. It is also equipped into a special protection against sand.

Of course, you are now wondering how long such a gadget can be used without charging. The maximum time this device will be working is twenty hours.

You might also be interested in other types of portable speakers which are connected to particular Internet services. For example, there is a one called Yandex.Station which has been designed specifically for the usage of the services offered by Yandex.

On the one hand, this device has a function of a speaker. On the other hand, it is equipped into additional functions allowing a person to use the Yandex services through the voice commands. The device will find the needed radio programme, a podcast or music and can even create user’s playlists. Moreover, one can even ask the device and get responses from the system based on artificial intelligence.

Similar devices can be found for other Internet services and they are certainly great for people who enjoy listening to various materials.

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