Does it Spark Joy: Organizing Tips and Tricks for your Computer

Decluttering is a process that many people hate, especially considering that it essentially entails that you would have to go through hundreds of things that might have already been sitting at that place for decades. Decluttering at home is as messy as it gets, and no one could ever argue otherwise. The same thing, unfortunately, is true when it comes to organizing your files on your computer – especially when you have left specific files sitting in an all-for-one folder for ages, not knowing what purpose some of them holds, and not knowing whether you should delete them or keep them for the sake of having the file.

Sure, for some people, it might not get as bad as this, especially when you tend to delete files as soon as you do not need it anymore, but it is still an evident possibility that everyone should watch out for.

If your case is as bad as this, perhaps it might be wise to employ some sorting strategies that would certainly help you through this particular dilemma.

Priority in Every Turn

The core thing that you should perhaps note is that the sorting process is something that you have to commit to – not something that you could abandon in the blink of an eye. The method of organizing your desktop is a lifelong endeavor, and quitting halfway through or after one cycle would revert everything to its horrendous state. To ensure that your process would be sustainable, you have to choose a routine that makes sense to you, one that will stick, and one that will certainly not lead to burnout along the way.

Never Store Files in your Desktop

The first mistake that many users make: storing files on their desktop. Sure enough, keeping files on your desktop is as convenient as it gets, but it is undeniable that a cluttered desktop is just plain out tacky. Try to place them in folders to give it a little sophisticated look.

Fear the Downloads Folder

The downloads folder is notorious for storing many files, especially when you tend to forget that you have left the downloaded file in that area. It tends to pile up, making it impossible to sort through even when you have the energy to do so. Always avoid storing files in this folder to prevent the buildup of junk in this area.

Organize Consistently

Much like how you should have a sustainable process, you should likewise employ a procedure that you could perform consistently. Having a consistent sorting method will ensure that there will be no buildup anywhere in your computer, and you would not have to do one big sweep now and then.

File Names are Crucial

Just like how it makes your setup look sophisticated by just placing your files in their respective folders, naming your files with a particular format could make it seem organized and easier to locate when sorting through your documents. A simple format like “Title_Date_Purpose” would be sufficient, but you could always tweak it depending on your needs.