How one can get rid of a phubbing pattern of behaviour?

Are you feeling unpleasant or getting angry at people who are ignoring you during a conversation getting stuck in their smartphones? If you know this feeling, you can easily imagine what it feels like if you are doing the same to other speakers.

Unfortunately, phubbing is extremely popular nowadays since it is becoming more and more difficult to focus on a real-time conversation while our smartphones are distracting us thus much. As you can imagine, this can have serious implications on the communication with others and on the relations with other people in the long run. That is why, if you have noticed other speakers becoming disappointed after a conversation with you while you were keeping your phone in your hands, it is high time to make some changes in your communication style. Here are some useful suggestions.

Limit the usage of smartphones during a real-time social event

Certainly, it is very difficult not to use your phone during an entire social event especially if it takes a couple of hours. The urge to do it is extremely severe, especially if you are afraid to miss some important messages from other people.

In order to make it easier for oneself not to check a smartphone, you should create such a rule of politeness. Indeed, just think about checking your phone during a conversation as of something rude. After all, it is rude because another speaker is meeting you with a view to getting your attention.

In case there is really something serious or urgent making the use of your phone unavoidable, you should apologise before reaching out for the gadget and make it as quick as possible.

Do not put your phone right on the table

It is regarded to be a poor habit as well which is also impolite. Of course, having your phone in such a close proximity will also make it easier for you to reach it whenever you want. And you certainly do not want it.

Hold social events free from gadgets

If you are surrounded by a group of people the majority of whom tend to prefer their gadgets over a real conversation during a meeting, you can organise meeting which will be completely free from smartphones. A great idea is to collect all of the phones or tablet computers in the middle of the table before you start and set a fee for using one. This will make the experience of ignoring gadgets more exciting.

Ask other people to call you when they need you

Even though keeping in touch with a larger number of people seems to be more convenient if you are communicating with them through texts, it also makes you stay vigilant to new messages all the time. As a result, you might be checking your emails and messengers feeling really afraid of missing something very important.

It will be a way easier for you to know that other people will call you rather than text you if they really need you. This is especially crucial for the communication with your collegues. If you do not take such a step, you are risking to be constantly stuck in the state of alert.

Use a minimalistic phone of a previous generation

Certainly, having an old model of a mobile phone without all of the modern functions will simply make it impossible for you to spend hours browsing the Internet or playing modern video games. This might be not thus pleasant for real addicts, however, it is very efficient for breaking a poor habit.

Analyse the time spent of phubbing

It is extremely important to understand what exactly you are doing while getting frozen with your phone and ignoring other people. Depending on the exact actions you are taking such as scrolling social networks or playing games, you will be able to limit the use of these particular services or programmes. This can also be an essential step to getting rid of an addiction itself rather than from one of its symptoms which phubbing is.