The best tools for Android – October review

Are you looking for new apps available to the users of Android smartphones? Then, you will find this article useful! It has collected the best programmes released for Android smartphones and tablet computers this October. You will certainly find some useful tools for your device.

Customise your device

If you are one of the users of smartphones who is crazy about changing wallpapers, you will certainly like Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers. This app has been designed with a view to giving its users easy access to a collection of animated wallpapers which look especially attractive on smartphones.

Currently the collection available in the app has nearly 250 animated wallpapers which are sorted by sixteen categories which certainly makes navigation simple. All of the wallpapers offered by Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers are available in 4K UHD format which means they will look great on devices with any screens. Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers can be downloaded and used on your device for free.

There is another peculiar app released the previous month created for customising the background of your device. This app is called Scrolling Icons Live Wallpaper and it is equipped into a very curious feature. Unlike popular apps with wallpapers, this one does not have any ready-to-use collection of images. In fact, it can create such images on its own based on sets of icons. The algorithm of this programme is capable of modifying sets of icons changing them into beautiful shapes which create a unique picture. For the purpose of creating your own image in such a way, you can download any set of icons you like, yet, you might find it easier to look at the pictures created with the use of simpler icons.

This app is also available for free.

A secure way of sharing your photos online

The team of developers of Orange Services SRL has created a curious app which is meant to have the functionality of Instagram with absolute privacy. Basically, this programme is used for storing photos and videos in the way similar to Instagram, however, in its case the data is not saved on any external server. Everything is stored on your own device.

Still, it is possible to share such information with any person you want. You can generate a link for adding a friend to Poltreder which can be sent via an email. The person you are granting with a permission to see your data, will be able to do it through the P2P protocol without any registration or services of the third party. Anytime you want, you can cut the access to your information or delete everything completely.

This app can be used free of charge.

Easy typing

Some people have to rewrite loads of the same texts over and over again to different recipients. Frequently, it is a problem of individuals using their mobile devices for work. Some of the texts which have to be written many times might include addresses and phone numbers.

If you are tired of doing it over and over again, you can try the solution available in the Prompt Keyboard app. This programme allows you to create an entire collection of texts which can even be sorted with customisable categories. Then, you will be able to easily insert them into your texts whenever you want.

Anything to PiP

Having a video opened on your computer while you are working with other programmes is an absolutely normal situation, but it can be rather challenging in the case of Android devices. Still, there are several solutions available to the users of Android. For instance, in the case of YouTube a programme called Vanced can be used.

In case you want to do the same your own videos or pictures which are stored either on your device or on your GoogleDrive account, you can use Anything to PiP. As you can imagine, PiP stands for Picture-in-Picture and it is used exactly for describing the feature of opening several windows at a time.